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Tennis NZ Women’s Coaching Scholarship 2021

Tennis NZ is committed to increasing the number and capability of female tennis coaches and to influence a change in perception of the capability of female coaches in Aotearoa. To achieve this aim, Tennis NZ is providing an opportunity for female coaches to access a scholarship to support their completion of the Tennis NZ Junior Development Coach qualification. Scholarship recipients will be appointed a female coaching mentor during the completion of their studies and have additional opportunities to access professional development in a range of tennis industry areas e.g competition delivery, officiation, volunteer development or performance coaching.

This scholarship is available to all wāhine of all ages and backgrounds.

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Coach Development Framework

Download the full Coach Development Framework to learn more about the structure of our coach development program and the coaching environment in New Zealand.


Coaching Pathways

There are many different ways tennis coaches and deliverers develop, both formal (courses & qualifications) and informal (on-court & off-court mentoring).  Discover the types of formal coach development opportunities offered in New Zealand and an explanation of their intended audience.

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Recognition of Current Competence

The RCC process allows coaches with historical qualifications or qualifications gained overseas to be assessed (both on-court and off-court) with the aim of attaining a current Tennis New Zealand coaching qualification.  


Coaches gain skills and knowledge through a range of experiences. Previous learning, however achieved, can significantly contribute towards a person’s current level of competence.

Each of the coaching qualifications offered by Tennis New Zealand are made up of a number of units of competency. Each of these units consists of elements of competency that describe the essential outcomes participants must achieve.

RCC is a process that assesses the individual’s formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual has achieved the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes or standards for entry to, and/or partial or total completion of a coaching course.

RCC is the process of an assessor collecting evidence and making a judgement against the requirements of one or more units of competency.

You can apply for RCC if you feel your learning and experiences meet the requirements for one or more of the units of competency for either the Junior Development Coaching or Club Professional Coaching qualifications offered by Tennis New Zealand.

A key factor in this process is the provision of evidence by the candidate. This evidence must be current and provided to allow Tennis New Zealand RCC assessors to assess your application.

Completing RCC comes with some great benefits:

  • Speeds up the process of becoming a tennis coach with a current and internationally recognised qualification
  • Avoids the problem of participants having to unnecessarily repeat learning experiences
  • Encourages the development of various assessment procedures
  • Assesses the candidate’s current competence in comparison to the stated standards of competence required
  • Clarifies what relevant skills the participant does and does not possess – so the learning program can be tailored accordingly

Junior Development Coaching


Club Professional Coaching


If you have any further questions, please contact us for further information via email on [email protected].

Coach Developers

All Coach Development opportunities (Short Courses, Professional Qualifications and Extension Modules) are centrally organised by Tennis NZ and delivered by local Coach Developers.

Coach Developers are the people who deliver the Coaching Assistant Course, Junior Development Coach Course (ITF level 1) and Club Professional Coach Course (ITF level 2) on New Zealand’s Tennis Coaching Pathways.  Coach Developers are contracted to Tennis New Zealand and are called upon to deliver scheduled courses as required. Coach Developers receive support and training to ensure they are able to run collaborative and informative courses that inspire people to become great tennis coaches.


Tennis New Zealand is always open to enquiries from experienced coaches wishing to become Coach Developers. Coaches with a background that includes academic work (degrees, diplomas, and certificates), professional development experiences, coaching qualifications and credentials (ITF Level One or Equivalent minimum), and experience in teaching and facilitation will be considered for selection as a Coach Developer.  It is highly desirable that the candidate is currently coaching and working with players that correspond with the coaching course in which they will be facilitating.  For instance, a Coach Developer who delivers the Junior Development Coaching Course will be teaching players who are commonly aged between three and twelve years of age and represent beginner level.

The candidate must:

  • Be currently coaching (or have extensive experience coaching) the corresponding playing stage to the course that wish to deliver
  • Be registered to and proactively support the National Participation Programmes (Tennis Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis, Tennis Xpress)
  • Actively practice the Tennis New Zealand Coaching Code of Ethics
  • Promote the national coach development opportunities within their community
  • Actively continue professional development where practical
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Possess strong administration skills
  1. Candidate applies by filling in the Coach Developer Expression of Interest Form.
  2. The candidate’s application is reviewed by Tennis New Zealand, and Tennis Australia.
  3. If deemed suitable, the candidate is invited to observe all aspects of course delivery. 
  4. The candidate is contacted directly if they are deemed suitable to become a Coach Developer.
  5. The successful candidate is sent the Coach Developer Personal Details Form for completion. Coach Developer rates of pay are as follows:
    • Coaching Assistant Course facilitation, $50 per hour
    • Junior Development Coaching Course facilitation, $70 per hour (lead) $50 per hour (assist)
    • Club Professional Coaching Course facilitation, $70 per hour (lead) $50 per hour (assist) 
  6. On receipt of their contract the candidate must promptly sign and return to the Coaching Department of Tennis New Zealand.
  7. The successful candidate is sent two further documents:
    • General Information for Coach Developers outlining details regarding, uniform, travel allowances, and invoicing instructions
    • Coach Developer Toolkit - useful tips and information on performing the Coach Developer role
  8. Once all the above steps are complete the candidate is then considered a Tennis New Zealand Coach Developer.