Club Toolkit

As well as support from your local Region and Association staff, and support from Tennis NZ, we also have some great resources such as templates, guidance and even practical workshops.


Love Tennis Weekend

Aimed at introducing the sport of tennis to a wider audience and engaging with people of all ages. Want to apart of this great event?  

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Safe Tennis

The purpose of Safe Tennis is to protect the health, safety and well-being of those who participate in the activities of tennis in New Zealand.




Book a Court

An online court booking and payment platform.



ClubSpark is a flexible, scalable and beautifully simple system with multiple products and applications to help you manage your club.


Our plan to modernise tennis in New Zealand

Thanks to the great momentum and the initiatives already underway across our regions - such as IT platforms, Performance pathways, regional training centres and coordinated national marketing campaigns – we’re able to accelerate our combined efforts to roll out a robust set of Nationally Shared Initiatives to grow and improve tennis in New Zealand

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Coaching At Your Club

A strong venue and coach relationship is integral to the success of your club or centre.


Tennis Club Member Surveys 2019-2021

These surveys are designed to gather club member feedback from all sports, to help sports and sports clubs understand where things are going well, and where things needs improvement.  The findings from these surveys help direct both local and national work with regard to club experience for all ages and levels of players.

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